Customer Support

In accordance with Enppi's continual improvement strategies and policies to enhance their customers' satisfaction and to provide customer with an open, effective and easy-to-use complaints / feedback handling processes, Enppi created their "Customer Feedback Desk" to be standing by receiving your valuable feedback all the time at your convenient,The Customer Feedback Desk is divided into three links, customers are free to express their feedback through some or all of them as follows :

General Feedback :    Which enables our customers to send their feedback on Enppi services positively or negatively all over the year.
N.B. : Customers can upload thier annual questionnaire for this year through this channel until constructing the annual questionnaire channel.

Project Complaints :   Which enables our customers to send their instantaneous project complaints during the implementation of the project.

Annual Questionnaire :    Which enables our customers to fill a detailed questionnaire to cover Enppi services during the year and this link specifically will be activated at the last quarter of the year.